Nowadays, the production of such antique models are rare and the price is rather on the high side initially.But now Recesky collaborated with "Adult Science" magazine have made possible this double-lens reflex 35mm camera at a more affordable price for us. Grab one today! Have fun building your very own Dual-lens reflex camera and enjoy taking lomographic picture.




Recesky 35mm TLR DIY Kit / Pre-order Price: RM58
Color: orange/white/yellow/blue/red/black
Size : 80mm×115mm×70mm
Film type used :135(35mm)film

Recesky 35mm TLR DIY Kit (position on the waist level viewfinder)
Focus distance: 47 cm
F value (aperture value): 6 (open) 12 (close)
Shutter speed: 1 / 125 sec
Focal length adjustment range: 50cm to infinity
Multiple exposures

Package Contents:
Gift box packaging, dual cameras, all parts sealed package, the white foam interval protection, Chinese manual + Screw Driver + Strap

Pre-order end on 31 July 2011 or earlier if MOQ of 10 pcs reached
After pre-order end , the camera takes around 3 weeks to reach ur YOU :)
A desposit of RM20 is required to join the pre-order and balances can be cleared prior to postage or during COD.


Shooting trip:


Since the first Rollei in 1928 in Germany since the advent of dual-lens reflex camera 70 has been
well received by senior photography enthusiast. The 50's were even around the country in the world of pet photography journalism, as the film area, and the machine is relatively light, functional and practical, yet sturdy and durable, widely used in fashion, advertising and portrait photography, landscape photography, has become very popular universal models. Older generation of photographers who were once owned, used, loved it, still fond of it.


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